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Featured Technical Solutions

Quantity measurement of liquid and gas high pressure pipeline transport systems, according to national and international accounting requirements if necessary. Excise clearing systems with sampling procedures, chromatography, laboratory set up and proover calibration.

Using field intelligence within system integration, we create security emergency systems which provide –according to the needs of our customers- multiple levels of redundancy and yet are a simple remote emergency shutdown.

Our company delivers solutions for plants that require high integrity pressure protection systems. When developing these systems both the controls, as well as the method of actuating we can deliver according to the customer’s technology requirements, taking into consideration the maximum technical security levels.

Pipeline and technology solutions, which utilise the possibilities of pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Iner alia gas pipeline hydraulic systems, fast acting closures, interlocks, pneumatic and hydraulic panels and fast relief systems.

Gas-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic emergency shut down technologies used on gas pipelines that can operate without electric power sources and provide emergency shut down usinga pre-set value of pressure drop.


Condition monitoring and leakage detection of large, high-value technology-relevant shut-off valves. Collection of technological signals which belong together to avoid unplanned downtime, failure and emergencies.


Explosion protection on a daily basis has been present in our work for more than 20 years. Our highly qualified engineers prepare classifications for Ex-zones, Ex-documentation, design, implementation and reviews. Based on these results we have created an identification based documentation system that provides our customers with transparent and timely information to comply with the legal requirements, so plants can be easily overview and processes followed.

We design, implement and deliver technical solutions mounted on skids or fitted in containers to our partners.